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Hebei Chengxin Zhongcheng Technology Co., LTD

Hebei Chengxin Zhongcheng Technology Co., Ltd. was established on August 8, 2019.Legal representative: Li Zhijun, registered capital: 60 million yuan, address: No. 568, Xingwang Road, Wuyi Economic Development Zone, Hengshui City, Hebei Province.The main products are new environmental protection polyurethane energy-saving board, polyurethane edge sealing rock wool, photovoltaic system roof panel, special roof panel for animal husbandry and breeding industry and wall panel.Cold storage board, purification board, four-sided tongue and groove curtain wall board, etc.Modular assembly building, light steel skeleton villa, integrated house, assembly building.The company adopts a new technology imported equipment production line, introduces Italy's advanced six component high-pressure foaming machine, purchases polyurethane assembly line equipment, and adopts a complete set of computer integrated control technology such as numerical control servo, frequency conversion vector and hydraulic control. It implements combined distribution, overall connection, centralized control and centralized management for each single machine, and adopts automatic fixed length random cutting mode, Make each single machine functional part of the whole production line always operate at a constant speed, so as to realize full-automatic production.

Hebei Chengxin Zhongcheng Technology Co., Ltd. was established on August 8, 2019. The legal representative of the company is Li Zhijun, the registered capital is 60 million yuan, and the address is No. 568 xingwang Road, Wuyi Economic Development Zone, Hengshui City, Hebei Province.

The main products are new environmental protection polyurethane energy-saving board, polyurethane edge sealing rock wool, photovoltaic system roof board, animal husbandry industry special roof board, wall panel. Cold storage board, purification board, four sides tongue-and-groove curtain wall board, etc. Modular prefabricated building, light steel frame villa, integrated house, prefabricated building.

Companies to adopt new technology of imported equipment production lines, the introduction of Italy advanced the six components of high pressure foaming machine, pu production line equipment purchase, the machine adopts CNC servo and frequency vector and the hydraulic control set of computer integrated control technology, shall be implemented for each single combination distribution and overall connection, centralized control and centralized management, and USES the automatic fixed-length cutting random way, Make the whole production line of each single functional parts always

Keep in constant speed, so as to realize automatic production.

Photovoltaic system roof panel is made of high-quality brand steel plate as surface material, after continuous cold bending pressing molding; By basf is a new-type insulation foam and flame retardant materials, is a kind of heat preservation and heat insulation and solar energy utilization and integration of the multi-function roofing products, its roof wave can be connected directly and card buckle, don't need to wear roof structure, apply to the roof tilt 3% of all kinds of industrial and commercial buildings, self-cleaning type panel, reduced the amount of soot formation roof, Keeping the building roof clean provides a systematic solution for the utilization of solar energy on the roof.

Polyurethane sandwich cold storage board series mainly provides a complete set of fireproof electrostatic cleaning system for purification room, operating room, clean workshop, including wall, ceiling, anti-static workbench, etc. Used in electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical surgery, food industry.

The four sides of the tongue-and-groove curtain wall panel characteristics of the dark nail connection, the surface without external screws; The building wall is beautiful and smooth, and the surface is smooth and flat, instead of the decorative effect of aluminum curtain wall; High bending resistance, superior wall mechanical properties, reduce the dependence on auxiliary steel structure.

The new fireproof rock wool/glass fiber wool roof sandwich panel adopts fireproof PIR polyurethane side sealing technology to improve the air tightness and water tightness of the lap joint and effectively prevent the occurrence of cold bridge phenomenon. At the same time, it overcomes the phenomenon of stripping steel plate and core material at the lap joint in the process of handling and installation. The metal curtain wall sandwich board is connected with dark nails, and there is no exposed screw on the surface, making the building wall beautiful and smooth. The bending capacity and the mechanical properties of the wall are superior, reducing the dependence on the auxiliary steel structure. Good thermal insulation performance, reduce the cost of building indoor air conditioning equipment.

Integrity zhongcheng's purpose: integrity-based; Innovation is the soul; Casting brand; Make leading enterprises.

Chengxin Zhongcheng strategic objectives:

2025 to become the leader of green new plate industry in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region; In 2030, it will become the leader of modular prefabricated building industry in North China. Strive to build an intelligent city, improve the living environment, for the people to live a happier life to make their own contribution.

strategic target

  • 2025year

    Become a new green city in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

    Plate industry leader;

  • 2030year

    Become a modular assembly in North China

    Construction industry leader.

The tenet of honesty

Integrity based; Innovation is the soul; Create a first-class brand; Make leading enterprises.

We will strive to create a more comfortable living environment for the people and contribute to their own well-being.